ACT Boot Camp:

Targeted, Effective ACT Prep at an Affordable Price

Here’s What’s Included:

  • Four weeks of time-released test prep lessons leading up to your specific test date
  • Dynamic video lessons—all personally taught by Tutor Ted, himself
  • Test-taking strategies and problem-solving techniques to outsmart the test-makers
  • Review questions to assess your understanding, performance, and progress
  • 3 realistic practice ACTs written by – and exclusive to – Tutor Ted
  • Weekly, live group sessions with Tutor Ted to review concepts and test questions
  • Interactive forums to ask your own questions, available 24 hours a day
  • A 100% refund of your tuition if you are not happy with the course

Our next ACT boot camp will prepare students for the February 6th, 2021 ACT. It will begin on January 9th, and registration will begin on December 28th.
Please contact us here to be notified when registration for that class goes live!

Section By Section


Learn the rules and tendencies of the test makers. When you know that stuff, double-digit score improvement is literally the norm.


So much information and so little time, right? Not if you take the Tutor Ted approach. Cut through all that data with precision and efficiency.


ACT Math covers a lot of ground, but only in a superficial way. Know what I call the “vocabulary” of this test and your performance will improve.


ACT essay readers have priorities. We’re going to meet them, and score better as a result.


Sure, it’s fast, but it’s designed to be finished if you do it right – and when you do it right, you will finish in time — with success.

What’s It Like To Take Tutor Ted’s ACT Boot Camp Course?

Each week, new lessons are made available across all sections of the test. You’ll see topics like Beware the Comma Splice, Math Vocabulary, Caveman Notes — basically, all the stuff you need to know for the ACT.

Course content is released steadily over the four-week prep period. Along the way you’ll take practice tests to help you assess your progress.

Best of all, you’ll meet with Tutor Ted for two hours each week in a live, online classroom session to discuss strategies and approaches. He’ll go over key questions and concepts and then open up the floor to answer specific questions.

Between the lessons, the practice tests, and live group sessions with Tutor Ted, this course will require between 4-6 hours of your time each week. Think of it as an investment in yourself — one that will help you reach your goals!

How Much Does It Cost

The price of Tutor Ted’s ACT Boot Camp course is $495.

A complete ACT course for less than the cost of one hour of private tutoring with Ted.

The Tutor Ted Difference


Ted earned perfect scores on the ACT. He’s tutored thousands of students. You could say he knows what he’s doing.


Our online course gives you the inside track with special tips and tricks to increase your score.

Risk-Free Guarantee

We want you to love this course. If you don’t, you can get 100% of your tuition back.

Haven’t picked a test date yet? No problem – we’ve got you covered!
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